Thursday, July 20, 2017

Introducing the Mango project - making music to combat cancer

This February, founding member and chief sound designer Ed "DJSE" Essey was diagnosed with lymphoma. While cancer is never a welcome diagnosis, the type of lymphoma in this case is a highly treatable form with a high survival rate. Ed is currently undergoing chemotherapy as an outpatient.  He's young, he's strong, and he's going to pull through this with flying colors.

The experience has inspired Ed to express himself musically, and the result is a growing collection of seed tracks that we refer to as Mango (a reference to the tumor, which was originally described to Ed as the size and shape of a mango).  We want to turn Mango into an opportunity to help others struggling with cancer, and we need your help.

Here's Ed in his own words:

Please join forces with me in the Mango project.  We're creating stirring music for a cause, to help support cancer research and patients in need of support.

In February 2017, I was diagnosed with a highly treatable form of cancer.  I'm fortunate to have a form of cancer with a positive prognosis and for having incredible social support through amazing friends and family.  Not all cancer patients are as fortunate as I am, and I want to help them.

Since my diagnosis, I've been leaning heavily into music as a form of therapy.  It has been an incredibility prolific, and profoundly developing time for me as I really connect to the music through my experience.

While it has started as a personal project, I want to reach out to other collaborators to join in.  I've intentionally created pieces with space for vocalists, leads, and other instrumentalists to work their magic.

Whether you have cancer, are a survivor, or have touched by cancer -- I think in this world, we all have been touched by cancer in some way -- then I'd love your collaboration on this project.  Non-musicians who can help logistically, with design creative, or otherwise are welcome, too.  If this project moves you, help it to move others, too.  :)

I'm still searching for the right cause for the proceeds, and suggestions are most welcome.

With deep love and respect,
Ed "DJSE" Essey

You can listen to all of the current pieces in the Mango here, free of charge.  Mango by Cats Cradle Robbers.  Share them, like them, comment, and let us know how you'd like to get involved.

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